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DALLOYAU Authentic French Bakery

Brand Story

Launching Year : 1999. 8

Since launching its first store in Paris in 1682, Dalloyau has grown to become a world-renowned traditional French bakery brand, loved by the French for more than three centuries. Dalloyau, has over 10,000 recipes created by top technicians who have received national medals in their field, and is continually developing ways to harmonize traditional and modern tastes and take the lead in the French bakery culture, with new products being introduced all across the country. Shinsegae Food and Dalloyau established an exclusive partnership in November 1998, and currently there are three branches of the business in Korea. The first store was launched in Shinsegae Gwangju in August 1999. Dalloyau also runs 11 branches in Paris, and has international branches including Korea, Japan, Hong-kong, Azerbaujan and Dubai.

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